Summer Learning Activities 2020

The activities in this family learning pack have been created to help you keep busy, keep learning and to have some fun!
There are indoor activities for rainy days, outdoor for when you are feeling adventurous,but whether inside or out there are ideas to get you making, talking and discovering new things.

Activity ideas cover a range of subjects themes and age ranges. To help you pick the ones for you, ideas have been organized by age range. We have added a key to let you see at a glance whether the activity is active or calm, indoor or outdoor, creative or
problem solving. Age ranges act as a guide but many are suitable for children of all ages. We have tried to keep the resources you will need to a minimum and we hope they provide some inspiration for getting the most out of everyday family activities.

This pack has been produced in partnership with UEA School Of Education and Lifelong Learning and UEA’s Outreach team.

The aim of this pack is to ensure children are able to continue to learn through fun experiences during the summer. Please bear in mind that the activities in this pack will require differing levels of adult supervision. You must always consider the individuals taking part and make sure the activity can be enjoyed safely.